Hello my name is Sarah Elizabeth Orchard.

I am luckier than some, unluckier than most. I am also happy to provide all the details of the aforementioned bad luck.

You know that awkward thing you get sometimes when you bump into a stranger? You go left. They go left. You go right. They go right. You laugh, they laugh. You lock eyes, aware this strange dance could go on for a while. Neither of you knowing when this will end.

This happened to me once with a pigeon in a Co-op corner shop.



Follow me on Twitter and Instagram! My user name for both is ‘sezzzzle’

Email me at sarah_orchard@hotmail.co.uk if you want any of my pieces or want to find out about sewing or illustration! I will not accept requests for sewing buttons back onto clothes.

142 thoughts on “Hiyaaa.

  1. Oh my god, you have really made me laugh my ass off thank you. made all the better by your art too – winning at life right now.

  2. You are the kind of person that I wish I really knew…like “in person”. I send you my thanks for being so authentic and also a big hug for being such a gem in a 5 and dime world. Cindy@remnantrefuge

      1. Hi! ) I wanted to write something good, but I have no words – your blog is…cool? wow-blog? Beautiful blog? Funny blog? I-like-it-so-much blog? …..Unique(!) – that’s the word! Agree with every word Cindy@remnantrefuge said. It inspires me ! And this is why you will NOT die surrounded by cats ;)

        Love, Evgenia
        PS rgrds to your cats )

    1. Ahhhh shhhh! Don’t! You’ll encourage me! No problem at all! As for being me.. that often feels like more of an affliction!

  3. Hello Sarah, Thank you very much for ‘liking’ my stuff, it’s much appreciated. I love your blog and nice to meet you … :)

    1. Hi Luke! Oh your work is beautiful so it is no trouble at all. Thank you!

    1. Ahhh YOU! Thanks! Oh I am very glad. It was every bit as tense as I described..

    1. Hello! Oh no problem at all. They vary but generally speaking around a2 size. I draw on a2 paper anyway. I use acrylic paint and marker pen. Poster paint if I want a more translucent effect.

      1. I like them – they’ve got a life to them. Have you ever tried a larger one? If you did a larger one, based on a gathering of some sort (you could take a pic when somewhere) I’m picturing something like Renoir meets Lichtenstein
        Renoir setting ->

        Lichtenstein style – >

      2. Thank you! I’ve done two larger ones (100cmx100cm) but I’m somewhat restricted by my work space and storage afterwards. You’ve put ideas into my head now, ha!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for the liked on “2 minutes short story tip”. Your blog is very interesting and I really like your witty writing. lovely photos and artwork.

  5. Such a great blog, Sarah. I’m so happy you came across my little corner of the internet as it allowed me to find yours. I really like your art :-)

    1. Oh thank you! That is very kind of you! Yeah I was just perusing WordPress and I came across your blog. Nice to meet you!

      1. Hi Sarah, I’m quite an art fan and a bit of a collector when it comes to paintings. Really like some of your artworks. Nice to meet you too.

  6. Hi Sarah, thank you for so many ‘likes’, which incidentally I am rather flattered with. I am fascinated by this blog though I cannot quite pinpoint why. Your work delights and rather infuriates me in different ways, but it doesn’t permit indifference. So thank you kindly for your display of paintings and drawings. Like a lone sock in the tumble drier, I salute you.

    1. Oh no problem! In fact I apologise for the almost spamming amount of ‘likes’ on your work. I see one piece, love it – like it and then scroll down and see another that I love more. Thank you! I enjoy the extremes.

  7. Hi Sarah, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I know many are not into the award scene and I don’t know if that’s your case, but I couldn’t resist mentioning your blog in my post :D

  8. Hey! thanks for the like. Your title got my attention- Hiyaa! My mother in law is southern and her greeting is “High-YEW!” (how are you?) great page :)

    1. No probs! Haaa good I am glad. I am saying that in an english accent and it just does not work the same at all!!

  9. Hi Sarah – oh, so stylish and witty and with beautiful rich colour in your paintings – lucky cats! Whats the name of your tumblr blog? I have one too, and your paintings would add colour if you post them there too. Best wishes, Chris

    1. Hello! Oh thank you very much Chris :) I’ll be honest and say I still don’t 100% get tumblr but I’m giving it a good go! I’m ‘sezzzzle’ on there.

      1. your welcome …. no one gets Tumblr 100% :) Be mindful that copyright on pictures get removed pretty quick as people reblog on Tumblr… anonymous pictures just circulate for ever as a form of self hypnosis. I just followed and re-blogged one of your pictures there, have fun…

      2. ha good I’m glad it isn’t just me then! Yes thank you – I toyed with the idea of water marking my pictures before but in the end it proved a little too long winded for me.. my style is not for everyone so if they want to share it (I prefer if people credit me but I guess that’s the internet for you!) then it’s all good really.

      3. Tumblr is persuasive evidence for the existence of a parallel universe. You may be pleased to know that that there are a larger than average population of cats in the circulating images, whom I suspect are running the show behind the scenes and would explain a lot. Yes, your style, very simple but I would guess took a long time to evolve and simplicity is sometimes the pinnacle of sophistication I find. best wishes…

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